Hello Ian and Di,

Hope you are both keeping well.

It’s one year tomorrow since this little lad (then Bandit) left his old home, and one year on Saturday since he arrived here, so I thought you and his old owners might like to know how he’s getting on...

Well, as you can see, Jasper (now) is slightly paunchy for a two-year-old – despite never seeming to want to eat anything! He gets a couple of hours off his lead (he’s great with that, now) in the woods every morning and up to an hour in the afternoon, chasing sticks, so it’s not for want of exercise.

He hasn’t had any outstanding problems with his knees since last October, but he still swings his back left leg out like Harry Worth now and then, so maybe that kneecap is going to have to be done – he’s due his jabs this month so I will talk to the specialist vet about that and if it needs doing we will do it... otherwise he’s in fine fettle and a little angel!!

All the chewing stopped months ago, so we have socks and rugs again now – occasionally he will hold a sock to ransom if he thinks he is due something, but he never holes them any more :)


All in all, he is an utter darling – beloved of everyone who meets him, and great with other dogs since we sent him to doggy day care a couple of times. We send him back occasionally (although I’m always here) just to top him up, as he can be quite macho with other dogs... he came back with a bloody nose last week after mounting a male Jack Russell (which I explained to him, was a bad idea) and he mounts next door’s female cat whenever he can get at her; so it might be another day care day soon, for a proper Sir Jasper!

He’s loving his narrowboat too (we’ve just returned from a week, sailing to all the way to Lymm) and he’s now an accomplished swimmer (he can pick up and retrieve up to three sticks at once in the water) so although he’s not allowed in the cut, he will be OK when he doubtless falls in one day.

Anyway, I hope the update will be useful to you and his old owner. We could see how when he came that he had been cared for, so hopefully his owners will see he is having a great life.

Best wishes,


PS Above is the morning ritual of climbing all over me, the minute I get my shoes to go to the woods...


Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for letting us adopt Toby. He’s absolutely adorable and we love him to bits already!!

I'll send more photos soon of us out and about with him.

He's been up to Chirk Castle today with me, he's run and run in the woods. He chased after a squirrel!!

He had a big fuss off lots of people and met other dogs in the courtyard when we sat having a coffee with Andrea, who was working in the tea room today.

I came back down the fields with him and as there was no livestock about, I let him run loose again. He loved it.

His recall is pretty good, sometimes a bit selective, but he reacts to me whistling him and clapping my hands if all else fails.

He'll have a good life with us and be spoilt rotten.

Email more photos soon of Toby's adventures.

Please pass on our heartfelt gratitude to the people that gave him for adoption, he's absolutely wonderful.

Kind regards,



Hi , yes , Wey has settled in really well, with not too many issues.

He’s such a lovable boy who was obviously been well looked after by his previous owner.

He has a mind of his own and his recall is not very good but we struggle on. We have squirrels running up and down the garden fence and he loves to chase them all day.


It was lovely to see Keri again. Never a day goes by without us thinking of her. She looks stunning and very healthy. We see different traits of her in her three off-springs we still have.

Yet again we thank Tanya and her family for their love and care of a beautiful dog. Please keep us informed from time to time.



Hi Di, Ian & the CAESSR Team

Just a quick email to let you know that Keri is doing really well, healthy and happy.

I think she is a lot happier now the hot weather is over as she definitely isn’t a fan.

She has finally realised that there is a whole new world up the stairs, I wonder where she thought we used to go and at first didn’t follow but now she knows there are beds up there she doesn’t want to stay down stairs on her own!!

She has made a little dog friend who she is always pleased to see when we are out. She knows were Pasha lives and stands staring in the direction of her home when we are on our bed time walk.

Keri is an absolute pleasure to own and she is loved dearly.

With thanks as always

Tanya & Family

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