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Dogs Needing Homes

We have an ever changing number of Spaniels in our care. Those published below are only a selection of those looking for their “forever” home. The old and young, alike, are not immune from searching for that special someone to look after them.

Please remember that these are rescue dogs and may, therefore, come with problems or poor training, requiring patience and resolve to overcome (see our Things you should Consider page).

If you are interested in giving a home to one of our Spaniels, please complete the on-line Application to Adopt form or if you wish to discuss your suitability to adopt one of our dogs please give us a call (see our Contacts page).


Rufus is a 5½ year old Tri-colour show type Cocker and Millie is almost 5 years old and is a Black and Tan working type Cocker. They are a bonded pair, who have lived together since being puppies. Their owners now have three children under four years old plus hectic work commitments and cannot give them the necessary time and exercise that they deserve. Rufus and Millie are good with the children - especially Rufus. Millie will hide away when she has had enough of them. They are not used to cats. Millie can be nervous around unfamiliar dogs. Rufus will guard his chews if Millie tries to take them. Both dogs are walked on Gencon Leads, with Millie on the left of the person. Millie will try and pull if Rufus is ahead of her. The owners have had problems recently with Rufus and his recall. He has got lost on a couple of occasions when following a scent so care and extra training will be necessary. Millie's recall is better, but she will chase squirrels. Millie has had a small benign lump on her head, which has now almost disappeared. She loves car travel. Rufus usually sleeps when in the car. They can be left home alone for short periods.


Charlie is a 5 year old Golden working type Cocker. His owners rescued him about 9 months ago and have worked hard to get him into a steady routine. When they are at home he is a fantastic dog, but if they go out for an hour or two he howls and barks and becomes very destructive. At night time he sleeps in the kitchen and is good most of the time. Charlie is well behaved with children. He is quite submissive with other dogs and doesn't like Mum's two male dogs. He may need the company of an older female dog to help him with his separation anxiety. He has not lived with a cat. He is good on and off the lead and enjoys his lovely long walks. In the house, he follows you around everywhere. He travels well in the car.


Bertie is a 2½ year old Black working type Cocker. Due to a change in family circumstances, Bertie is being left home alone for long periods, which is not fair for such a lively dog. Bertie has recently nipped a few visiting children and, although he lives with young children, his owner feels he would be best in a quiet home away from children. Bertie can also be aggressive towards the postman, window cleaner and delivery men. He will need firm experienced owners. He has not lived with a cat, but is good with other dogs outside the home. Bertie is a very affectionate dog, who is good when out walking. He pulls on the lead, but is better on a harness. He is very good when off lead. He travels well in the car and can be left for short periods.


Lily is a 6 year old Liver and White Springer. She needs a new home as her owner is finding it difficult to cope with the exercise that she needs. Lily's recall is also not good. If she smells pheasants she will not listen and has run off many times. Her family live near a very busy road so now Lily is just being lead walked, but she has so much energy! She is a very affectionate dog who loves people, children and other dogs. She lives with an elderly male Dalmatian and a 6 year old child. She is not used to cats. She lives outside during the day, but sleeps in the hallway. Lily pulls on the lead. She travels well in the car and can be left for short periods.


Marley is a 9 month old Black and White Springer X Cocker. His owners have elderly parents, who need a lot of their time. Marley is a very boisterous pup and they are finding it hard to cope. He runs like the wind, so will need a rural environment. He adores swimming and getting dirty and will chase anything that moves. He loves people, but is not good with young children. He loves to play with other dogs, but would chase cats. He pulls on the lead, but is better on a harness. His recall is being trained using a whistle. Marley is house trained. He travels well in the car. He doesn't like being left home alone.


Milo is a 2 year old Lemon working type Cocker. His owner is now working long hours - leaving home too early to make use of a local doggy day care. Milo is a very boisterous Cocker who needs lots of activity, exercise and stimulation. He is a friendly boy who hasn't had much contact with children. He is used to other dogs and cats. He pulls a lot on the lead. If off lead he can suffer with selective deafness if following a scent. He travels well in the car and can be left for short periods. Milo has a little lump under one of his legs that will be dealt with prior to rehoming. He also has bad dermatitis that is being treated by our vet.


Teal is about 10-11 years old and is a Liver and White Springer. He has been a working gundog and is well trained. He is now looking for a loving retirement home. Teal is good with children and other dogs and is clean in his kennel - so would most likely house train quite easily. He travels well in the car. He has been to our vet for a health check. He is quite thin and a little weak on his back legs - he needs gentle exercise to build him up. He has been given some eye-cream. He has a lump that needs removing if his vet thinks that he will manage the surgery. We are looking for a permanent foster home for Teal.


Jessie is almost 2 years old and is a Liver and White Springer. She has a very nervous personality and she has come to CAESSR with fear aggression issues. She is spending time with the other dogs at our kennels and the kennel staff are making friends with her. We are finding that she may be best with a male owner to give her the confidence that she desperately needs. Jessie needs an experienced home with no children or visiting young children. We don’t think that she has lived with a cat. She pulls a bit on the lead and her recall will possibly need some work. She travels well in the car.

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