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Rehoming Policy

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  • Under no circumstances shall the Dogs be used for Breeding, Research, Dog fighting or for the purposes of Financial Gain
  • The Dog will be properly housed and live inside, with ample living space.
  • Clean, warm and dry sleeping quarters must be provided. It will receive appropriate daily meals and fresh clean water as and when required. Dog dishes should be clean.
  • The dog should be seen by a Veterinary Surgeon at least once a Year to receive yearly Booster vaccinations and should be regularly wormed around every three to four months.
  • The dog will receive appropriate daily exercise and will not be allowed to roam loose unattended.
  • The dog will wear a collar and disc stating your name address and phone number. There is a legal requirement to do so even if the dog is micro-chipped.
  • The dog will not be chained / tied up /confined in a small space or left alone for prolonged period of time. Two to four hours maximum unless alternative arrangements are made to see that the dogs needs are met.
  • The dog will not be handled harshly, nor receive physical punishment, nor be maltreated in any way what so ever and will receive any necessary Veterinary treatment. When the dog receives training this will be by humane methods in accordance with the above.
  • The dog will not be sold, given away or released into the care of any other person except for short term boarding purposes during holidays / illness.
  • If a pair of dogs is being adopted there will, under normal circumstances, be an equal commitment to both animals.
  • If for any reason the dog can no longer be kept it must be returned to Cocker And English Springer Spaniel Rescue and handed over to an identified member of that organization. If this should be within the first 14 days then CAESSR agree to offer a space at our earliest opportunity, after this period CAESSR will require at least 7 days notice of intent to return.
  • The dog will not be destroyed unless absolutely necessary to prevent suffering from injury or terminal illness, and if destruction is necessary, it will be carried out by a practicing Veterinary surgeon. CAESSR should also be notified.
  • CAESSR will be provided with any information about the dog which they may request, whilst it is in your care, and will allow identified members of CAESSR to visit and ascertain its progress, condition etc.
  • If CAESSR find that the dog is being kept in breach of the above the dog will be returned without fail or question to CAESSR.
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