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We have an ever changing number of Spaniels in our care. The old and young, alike, are not immune from searching for that special someone to look after them.

To view a dog you must first make an appointment through the Homing Team.



Scooby is a five year old cocker spaniel. He needs a new home as his previous owner sadly passed away.Scooby has been with his foster family for a few weeks. He is a loving and fun dog to be with and very affectionate. He walks exceedingly well both on and off lead and his recall is good too. He has been walked on busy roads, in parks and through the country side without any problems. He gets on well with other dogs and has been socialised, on a lead, around horses, cats, dogs, cows and appears friendly with them all. Scooby travels well in his crate. He has some issues around the house with attention seeking, barking when left on his own and if the phone/doorbell rings or post arrives. He also dislikes being touched mainly around his rear half and can be a sensitive to this. We have been working with our dog behaviourist with a plan in place to correct these issues and Scooby is already showing great signs of improvement.  This plan and support will follow any potential adoption family.Due to his sensitivity to touch Scooby is best placed in a home without young children. His foster family and people who have been involved in Scooby’s rehabilitation all agree that Scooby is a fantastic dog who is well behaved and with the right support will be a great companion.



Squiggle is a 7 year old liver & white springer. He needs a new home as both his owners are now working long hours and Squiggle is spending too much time home alone. CAESSR is looking for a special home for Squiggle. We think he is a "one man or woman dog". Once he trusts that person, he will "protect". He doesn't like another person coming into his home. He also doesn't like walking past other people with dogs when he is on the lead. We are told that he is good when off lead. Also that he is good when left home alone for short periods and that he travels well in the car. We are looking for an experienced person (or couple) who are looking for a project! He is a lovely dog.

Squiggle has been with us for a while now. Although he is getting regular attention and walks he is looking quite sad in his kennel. His problem can be quite easily sorted out by our behaviourist once he is in a home (Please visit where you will find a link to a facebook video). Squiggle can be available as a foster dog for a trial period with that experienced person or couple who we are looking for.


Master is a 3 1/2 year old tri-colour (chocolate, white & tan) show type cocker. He is looking for a home where there is already another well adjusted and socialized dog. He will also need a home where his new owners are there most of the time. Master has always lived in a kenneled situation alongside other dogs and he hasn't experienced life in a home or being able to go on walks on a lead or to be able to run free off-lead. Master is a lovely dog and will need to be house trained. He is looking for a loving, patient and understanding home.


Bella is almost 6 years old and is a liver & white working type cocker. Her owners have a small child and a baby and Bella has nipped the small child. She has also been aggressive to an elderly Maltese terrier who has recently been added to the family. Bella is a very affectionate dog who would be best as the only dog in the family. She could live with teenaged children. Bella can be food aggressive and all incidents have been related to food. She has lived with a cat. She pulls initially on the lead with excitement and she is fine off-lead. She can be left home alone for short periods. She is not a fan of travelling but sits still if you tell her to stay.


Sweep is about 11 years old and is a black & white show type cocker. He is urgently looking for a permanent retirement home with help from CAESSR with any medical needs that he may have going forward. He is a very friendly boy in kennels and enjoys being walked and groomed by the dog walkers and kennel staff. He loves his walks but needs to be kept on the lead as he is possibly deaf. He has had some teeth removed and his ears thoroughly cleaned. Sweep would possibly be best as the only pet as he is very needy. We think that he has had a hard life and may have separation anxiety issues but he is a really lovely boy.


Chester is a 4 year old black working type cocker. He needs a new home as his owners are separating and neither of them can look after Chester going forward. Chester would be best homed where there are no visiting young children. He is OK with teenagers. He is well socialized with other dogs but can be quite assertive with younger dogs. He is used to living as the only pet in the home. He will chase cats. He has been walked near sheep and horses. He tends to pull on the lead but is walked on a harness. Chester is used to being walked in a pack of dogs by the dog walker who lets him run off-lead. However, his owners tend to keep him on his lead. He travels well in the car - he has a dog harness attached to a seat belt. He doesn't really like being left home alone but is left a couple of hours in his crate.

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